why life so unfulfilling

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        It just seems like an overwhelming amount of things you detest for the very few things you enjoy.

        I have a very mathematical mind and in any equation it just not worth it.

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          Life is so beautiful and exciting. I guess you aren’t surrounded by positive people that you have a good relationship with? Do you eat nutritious healthy food? Do you have goals in life? You should try n meditate n listen to guided meditation

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            I believe it’s important to not only pursue activities that interest you but also to connect with people who share similar interests. Building a circle of like-minded individuals may be challenging, but once achieved, it greatly enhances life’s enjoyment.

            Life’s journey isn’t always smooth sailing, especially for those of us striving to establish careers and manage responsibilities. We’re not all CEOs living without financial concerns or excessive privileges.

            However, there’s a joy to be found in navigating life’s challenges and celebrating our accomplishments.

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