Dr. Sarah Fun Facts

We asked Dr. Sarah for some fun facts
(unfair that we don’t get to ask our therapists questions!)

Dr. Sarah, what is your favorite…

Pink 🎀
When Harry Met Sally 👫🏽
Cloudy and overcast. It always feels cozy to me ☁️
Sport to play:
Soccer ⚽
Sport to watch:
Football 🏈
Beach or Mountains:
Beach ⛱️
Place to vacation:
Palm Springs 🌴
TV show that you’re watching right now:
Friends 🖥️
Physical attribute:
My feet (🤣 but seriously)
WINTER. I love, love, LOVE Christmas 🎅
Time of Day:
Dusk 🌅
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship 🌟
TRY to not scream-sing 🎶
My mom and dad (can’t /won’t pick one). My dad adopted me when I was three years old and I’m certain he saved my life. My mom is a warrior and my best friend. I truly believe they are the greatest human beings on earth  🦸‍♀️
Biggest regret:
Moving out of San Diego 🥺
If you could have lunch with one person:
Oprah; I used to have a recurring dream that we were friends lol 🍴
Quirkiest thing about me:
No matter how warm I get when I’m sleeping, I have to have a blanket on 🛌
Pet peeve:
When people lick the food off their dental floss 🤢
If you could grab one non-living thing to
save in a fire:
My grandmother’s wedding ring that she gave me for my 30th birthday ❤️💍 

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