Why am I always anxious and concerned about what others think of me?

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        I’m a 30-year-old employed person working mostly with men in my team. I constantly feel the need to prove myself to be valued.

        My mind never rests; I’m always anxious about failing or being outdone by my colleagues. I don’t feel truly appreciated and always have to work extra hard to be noticed. I reach out to people regularly just to make sure everything is okay.

        I expect replies to my emails or texts to confirm I’ve sent the right content, and if I don’t hear back, it makes me anxious.

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          Research shows that having an insecure personality is connected to various mental health issues.

          Feeling insecure can lead to indecisiveness and reluctance to take professional risks, holding you back from seizing opportunities.

          When you feel competent and confident, others are inclined to see you the same way. Confidence helps you appear credible, make strong first impressions, and tackle challenges effectively.

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            For any woman working in a mostly male environment, it can be intimidating, just as it could be for a man in a mostly female environment. Seeking reassurance due to insecurity is a sign of lacking confidence, but you should take pride in yourself and your accomplishments.

            Working in a team comes with its stresses and anxieties, and you’re not alone in feeling that way. If you’re not receiving negative feedback, then you’re likely doing well – you’d be informed otherwise if not.

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