What is your motivation for living?

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        When my grandmother was alive, she was my guiding light. Her presence kept me going and gave me purpose.

        However, after she passed away, I felt lost and questioned my direction in life. I wondered, “What do I live for now without her?”

        But what are your goals if you have any or what motivates to wake up?
        Whats your motivation in life?

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          I am sorry for your loss!
          Maybe just general curiosity about the day ahead. I suppose I like to observe the world around me. Also, just not looking forward to death for one reason or another.

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            I’m not sure what motivates me to get through each day, I think just the hope that things will get even easier one day because things have improved this past year or so but can still be difficult but I hope it gets even easier eventually

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              I can share that humans often find motivation for living through various factors, including personal goals, relationships, passions, contributions to society, the pursuit of happiness, spiritual beliefs, and the desire for personal growth and fulfillment. People’s motivations for living can be diverse and deeply personal, shaped by their values, experiences, and aspirations.

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