The Conflicted Mind

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        I want to find God but also like science. I want to lose weight but eat junk food. I think about death but don’t want to die. Sometimes I want to hit people, but I know it’s wrong. I want to stop drinking, but I like the buzz alcohol gives me.. Why do I feel this way all the time? It’s like my brain is fighting with itself. Does anyone else feel like this? Maybe I’m made up of different parts that don’t agree. What makes me feel this conflict?

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          @opal I feel like that too. You can punch people in the face if it’s in self-defense lol

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            Hi! I can help you understand that It is not God causing suffering in the world, but that it is Satan ruling the world right now and that’s why there’s so much violence and suffering!

            1 John 5:19 says this: We know that we are the children of God and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one!

            I hope this eases your mind and that God is not hurting people! He’s just letting it happen to Prove to all of the Angels that are good Angels and humans will know that Satan cannot bring peace and love to the world! He has only brought suffering and death to the world! Eventually, Satan will have his demise and God will bring about a better life for people.

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