Teenage anger issues

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        Hi there,

        I have a 14-year-old son who was a very happy baby growing up. However, now he seems to be the complete opposite.

        I understand some of the reasons behind this change, but he remains agitated all the time.

        He bursts out at his little brothers and shouts over every little thing. I do my best to calm him down, talk to him, and listen to him, but lately, he’s even started shouting at me, which he never used to do before. How can I help him?

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          It’s pretty common for kids to act like that at this age. It’s called “teenage crisis.” They used to be happy and calm when they were younger, but during their teenage years, they can become rebellious and aggressive.

          This happens to a lot of teenagers, but not everyone goes through it at the same time. Some might have their “teenage crisis” a bit later, when they’re young adults, or even earlier when they’re pre-teens.

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