Sick of being depressed?

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        Is anyone else tired of feeling depressed all the time? Sick of being told to meditate or go for walks? Tired of always having to deal with depression? There must be a solution to it, right?

        I’ve tried therapy and different things to feel better, but I always end up feeling hopeless. Even though I keep up with my responsibilities, my mind is constantly racing. I can’t make decisions and I don’t know what’s causing all this.

        Do I have to keep paying for therapy forever? It seems unfair. I’m frustrated and tired of it all. I don’t want to rely on medication either. I want to live a life I enjoy, but I’m scared to leave my family behind.

        I haven’t been through anything really traumatic, so I don’t know what to do. Has anyone gotten better without having to work hard every day to fight depression? I’m tired of trying so hard all the time.

        Maybe instead of adding more to our lives, we should simplify and do less. Does anyone else feel this way?

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          Well bro, just be strong, I was down for six months because of drugs. I went through withdrawal, and now I’m feeling a bit better. You’re not alone. I’ve been out of work for six months and got into debt. My kid even tells me I’m poor. It’s tough sometimes, but I keep pushing through. When things get really hard, I just want to give up and stay in bed. But you’re not alone, bro. Stay strong.

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            @morrison hello, I totally get what you are saying. It is like we are adding more to what to do and we still don’t achieve that happiness and love everyone is talking about. I am also highly functional with my depression and suicidal thoughts.
            Sorry that you feel all those negative feelings, but I want you to know that you are so much stronger than you think. And I really think that even if you still have those thoughts and emotions, you have won against them every day you wake up and breath with us.

            I hope I helped you just a little bit, have a great day.

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