Share modest positive achievements no matter how small

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        Hi guys

        Was looking to generate conversation and ask if anyone would like to share positive experiences/changes recently. Be great if you could.


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          I think it is a great idea, positive both for acknowledging one’s steps and for inspiring other people dealing with similar issues. I’ll start sharing that after about 30 years spent people-pleasing out of the feeling of being defective and undeserving of love, through therapy I’ve been finally able to look at myself with self-compassion, and explore who I am in a non-judgmental way regardless of what others think or expect from me.

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            My good news is that I’m getting stronger every day. Sometimes I have setbacks, but then I work hard to regain my strength.

            I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress recently. I used to be in and out of the hospital, but now I’m finally back home and hopefully staying here for good. 🤞!


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