Sadness over not having kids

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        My wife and I are having a serious conversation about starting a family. Personally, I’ve always envisioned being a father; I adore kids and cherish spending time with my niece. However, discussions with my wife, sister, and cousin have made me realize the immense responsibility that comes with parenting.

        One significant challenge is our lack of extended family support. Additionally, my wife earns significantly more than I do, and she feels burdened by the idea of bearing the financial and physical responsibilities of childbirth and childcare alone. She worries about the impact on her career and health.

        Despite my desire for children, I’m increasingly doubtful that it will happen for us. We face numerous obstacles, including my age (47) and my wife’s gastro issues, which could be exacerbated by pregnancy.

        Makes me sad. 🥺

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          Communicate your thoughts to your wife openly and honestly. Being truthful is key. Relationships are built on compromise, honesty, and trust. Kids are awesome to engage with and I believe you should do what you can to promote children in your marriage with your wife.

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