Must we suffer in order to heal?

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        It seems that it is widely accepted that to heal you must suffer.

        ‘Oh, more suffering? Good’

        ‘Don’t worry. This suffering is beneficial. You’ll feel better after you feel more pain.’

        And maybe this is why many people are reluctant to pursue therapy.

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          I think healing comes from understanding your suffering.

          Understanding the root causes, followed by acceptance.

          And then you can begin to heal.

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            ^ this
            @Joe9 I don’t know your exact situation, but for me, this was and is the case. I think the suffering can come from addressing the part of the cause. Understanding brings great relief. Again, your situation may be different. But for me, yes, more suffering is part of the healing. However, it is indeed a kind of good suffering. I’ve gone through enough pointless suffering to be a bit hardened and can deal with more suffering just fine if I know it’s serving a purpose. I think it’s more like choosing how you want to experience your suffering: dulled but long and drawn out slow burn, or intensely painful but shorter duration. I’m just sick of it all so if there’s a chance more suffering can bring relief, if it brings it on. Let the sky fall. Anything to get out…
            Just my personal twisted view. But don’t be scared away from therapy.

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              Without suffering there is nothing to heal. A learning process for sure.

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