I dont have interest in doing anything

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        I dont know what i am going through. Still, it sure looks alot like depression as i have no hope of anything i dont wanna do anything i dont wanna achieve anything i am at certain age where i cannot afford to be in this state as i have to work towards my career and responsibilities.

        Still, all i am doing is nothing i am stuck in my past. Some things just wont leave my mind i am not able to live in present always worrying abt something its been i while since i have been really happy i have not experienced it from a long time and now i am just tired and exhausted from this feeling i just want to get out of it and be okay now.

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          Hi @vinay I’m so sorry that you have been suffering from depression so badly!
          I suffer from it as well and have been for months now, due to bipolar

          I hope that you will be feeling much better soon!
          So many people here can relate as well, and offer you some support!
          Stick around!

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            I can relate to the non-interest in anything.

            I try to maintain a routine of activities to give me a feeling of accomplishment. I go to the gym even if I don’t want to. I walk my dogs even if I dont want to, same thing for chores around the house, go to the university basketball games here.

            The sense of accomplishment mitigates the depression somewhat.

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