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        I need advice on moving past a breakup, especially when the person was my best friend. It’s tough to wake up one day and feel nothing towards them. I’m tempted to reach out, but I sense that they’re already starting to resent me for it. They’ve moved on and are talking to other people.

        Maybe staying single would have been the better choice. 😅 Sometimes, it feels like I can’t even breathe when I think about it—dramatic, I know, but that’s how it feels.

        I hope things get better, but I’m sad that we won’t be best friends anymore. Maybe with time?

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          It takes time, a crucial element in every emotional healing recovery.

          And remember, no matter how amazing and irreplaceable he may seem right now, chances are, he’s not all that special. I went through a similar experience, separated from someone who was both my best friend and my great love. It was incredibly tough and painful, felt like the world was crashing down. But you know what? I healed. And I realized he wasn’t as extraordinary as I thought.

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