How to be HAPPY ?

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        I’ve always wanted to know what happiness is and how to be happy. My mood swings a lot. I can feel happy one day and terrible the next.

        People say that living healthier—eating well, exercising, being in the sun, going out, and making friends—leads to happiness.

        But I’ve tried all that. Eating better, going out, meeting people… none of it made me happy.

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          When I’m home too much, I start thinking too much and feeling down. Being lonely and indoors too long can mess with your mind.

          I feel better after I went outside. Sitting around in bed all day doesn’t work for me. I start overthinking and dwelling on my problems. But when I go out or do something, I forget about my worries. It helps me relax.

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            If you expect instant happiness from anything, it will never work out that way. It’s about committing to a long-term lifestyle that promotes happiness.

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