how has your personality changed over the years?

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        Have you changed over the years? Like compared to when you were younger, maybe 10, 20 years ago?

        Looking back at my 20s, I see a completely different person. Back then, I was reserved, naive, a dreamer, and very idealistic. I was afraid of women, hesitant to speak my mind, and lacked self-awareness. My perspective was limited to my own, and I was ignorant of other cultures.

        Now, I feel like a weary cynic, though that’s not entirely true. I still have some goals and ambitions, but they’re not career-related. I want to stay healthy and keep fit as I grow older. I also aim to improve my guitar skills and maybe work on my singing voice. (It definitely needs some work!) Learning new things, like political history, keeps my mind active.

        I’m more grounded and realistic now. Life feels easier in some ways. I no longer have to chase after the perfect job; I can focus on my hobbies instead.

        Perhaps I should work on being a kinder person. I admit I can be a bit self-centered at times.

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          mmmmm maybe i should ask those who know me

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            20 years ago I was wild, impulsive at times and confident. Now I am quiet, reserved and full of anxiety. Not sure what has happened to me as so many things came together to make me this way.

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              I used to be outgoing, sure of myself, intelligent, attractive, reliable, and healthy. Now, I feel like I’ve been reset to factory settings, like my brain has been wiped clean. I’ve lost touch with who I used to be; the vibrant personality I once had seems to have disappeared. I’ve lost it all because of substances I once partaked I’m.

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                I am much less impulsive, much less angry. Not to say I can’t still be either but sooooo much better than I used to be.

                I am in some ways, so much less confident yet bizarrely, in other ways I am so much more 🤔

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