How do you survive !!

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        How do you do it? It feels like I’m slowly dying and nothing can bring me to life. I know time heals, but at this time, I’m so depressed and hurt it feels like it will never go away. From the bottom of my heart and with tears in my eyes, guys, I’m sorry, I’m so very sorry for anyone dealing with this kind of loneliness. It doesn’t seem fair, and I wish I could make this pain go away for all of us. Gosh, I don’t know what to do.

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          I focus on taking numerous deep breaths, aiming to remain present and appreciate the small joys in life while attempting to suppress intense emotions as much as possible.

          It’s a dreadful experience, particularly when you realize that the most you can do is engage in a daily, never-ending, and somewhat futile battle against the overwhelming tide of loneliness. But what alternative do we have?

          We fight it because otherwise life would be nothing but suffering.

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            I understand where your at and where you’re going…all I can really add it is helps a lot to just write about how you feel and read some of the replies from people who are there or where.

            Best of luck to you mate.

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