How do I talk to my doctor?

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        For 7-8 years, I have struggled with life, but I’ve finally booked a doctor’s appointment. I’m scared because I rarely see doctors and worry this one might judge or not believe me.

        Being shy makes it harder to express myself, and I fear being brushed off without help. I’m tired of feeling alone, depressed, and worthless, but talking to them scares me.

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          I understand your worries about talking to your doctor. Taking this important first step can be tough.

          Keep in mind, that doctors hear all sorts of things. You’re probably not the first person that day to talk about a mental health concern, and you won’t be the last.

          If you feel it’ll be tough to express yourself verbally, you can write everything down. Reading from your notes or even handing them to your doctor is fine. This will prompt questions and facilitate a conversation.

          Kind thoughts to you❤️

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