Good things that come with depression

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        When I have brighter moments my mind sometimes thinks about the person I have become versus the person I was before I had depression. The things I do appreciate depression has given me is greater empathy for humanity, especially those struggling with addictions, poor life choices etc..

        Depression has taken away my fear of illness and death as it doesn’t seem as scary as a long life of anhedonia and mental illness.

        Just wondering if anyone else feels this way?

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          @Greatful , I can relate to what you’re saying. Having battled depression and anxiety for so many years it’s made me more sensitive to other people in a similar situation as myself.
          And like you I have no fear of dying, in fact it’s living that scares me now!

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            I feel this way too sometimes.

            Before I was diagnosed with depression I had this stressful outlook on life where I looked at everything and thought: could be better but isn’t better . . . so sad, so aggravating, so disappointing. This outlook engendered a lot of guilt and anger in me. Depression made this unconscious attitude conscious so I could adopt a different attitude: could be worse, but isn’t worse, thank goodness.

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