Feeling other people’s pain

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        Have you ever felt like you can feel other people’s pain?
        I have always been sensitive and understanding, but recently I’ve been experiencing others’ pain as if it were my own.
        How can I make myself feel better when everything around me seems to hurt deeply?
        I see sadness and bad things happening everywhere, and sometimes it feels like I’m carrying all the pain in the world. It’s too much, and I’m scared I won’t be able to handle it anymore.

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          I have always had empathy and cared more about others! I have terrible depression and yes, it hurts awful when we see someone else hurting! All we can do is offer our support and be there for them! We need someone to be there for us as well! You need love too! (((❤️)))

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            @Randomen thank you for this kind reply ❤ the worst thing is I can not help everyone around me and it is painful.

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              Yes. When I see my fiance struggling with his depression it worsens mine. I know he tries to hide it from me and be strong but I can still sense it.

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