“Everything’s your fault, take responsibility.” Really?

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        Here’s a thing: Lots of stuff on the internet says, “nothing is the fault of other people – everything is your own fault, and you need to take responsibility for this” But there’s NOTHING about how other people might cause problems, especially for those with mental health issues.

        So, these so-called “experts” are saying that violent partners, cheating spouses, abusive parents, bullying bosses, or random attackers aren’t to blame for their actions. It’s all on the victim.

        Guess what? That’s exactly what these “experts” are saying.

        Even a 5-year-old could see how wrong this is. So why is it the standard belief in mental health treatment?

        It seems like these “professionals” want people with mental health problems to suffer more.

        Doesn’t it?

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          Usually, people don’t like taking responsibility. I think some things are our own responsibility, but some are the responsibility of others or society. It depends on the situation. I don’t respect someone who sees this as a “mean” or “inflammatory” attitude.

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