does work help with depression?

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        my mom said it helps with distraction, maybe keeping busing all day instead of sitting in my house will help. did anyone go back to work to and feel better when they were productive?

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            Working didn’t only boost my mood, but it did help me in different ways. It got me out of the house, gave me exercise, allowed me to interact with people, stopped me from overthinking, and earned me some money. All of this contributed to a sense of self-worth.

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              I think it certainly helps. I’m desperately trying to find a job, ideally work from home or in an office
              It’s good to be busy!

              Good luck, you

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                I wish I could go back to work because the part time position distracted me.
                I’m a nurse and I just couldn’t remember things like I used too.
                I think I’d be better if I’d get out of the house more.

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