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        Lately, my manager has reprimanded me several times for displaying signs of depression at work, which only worsened my emotional state.

        Despite being told it’s not unacceptable, I struggle with depression, making it challenging to cope.

        I don’t know what to do.

        I could go to HR?

        For now, I’m just pretending to be okay. But inside, I really dislike my manager and hope to leave when I find another job.

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          They simply care about getting the work done.

          Sadly, many employers don’t consider how their employees are doing emotionally.

          There’s no compassion! It’s all about bringing in the money for them and that’s all.

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            That’s just awful. You’re supposed to love your work. Bravo to you for working, I had to leave a job I loved. Maybe this will open up a new opportunity for you.

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              It’s true about the lack of compassion. I could never treat someone that way, but it’s what I observe managers doing in countless workplaces.

              I consider myself sensitive. I treat people with kindness and empathy, Then I don’t know how to cope with how horrible people are.

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