Constantly pushing people away

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        I don’t understand why I keep pushing people away. I find it really hard to maintain friendships, especially with those who are kind and understanding towards me, especially those who have similar issues. It upsets me how I keep hurting kind and caring people. I feel terrible about it. I don’t mean to behave this way. I become too dependent and sensitive, and then I end up pushing them away. I try to make them dislike me and want to leave.

        It feels like I’m stuck in a never-ending cycle. It’s a complete mess. I don’t know how to change and break this cycle.

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          i understand how you feel i have bpd. I know it can be hard x

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            I understand this. I’ve been doing the same thing too. The worse I feel about myself the more I isolate. I find friendships hard to navigate too. I feel like all I do is disappoint people. So I’ve been trying to avoid people to make sure I don’t hurt anyone. Then staying away from people is what actually hurts them.

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