can’t sleep at night any suggestions?

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        I have difficulty sleeping at night despite my efforts to meditate, which sometimes helps and sometimes doesn’t. I’ve noticed that putting Ayla to sleep brings me some relief, but then I struggle to fall asleep myself.
        I eventually fall asleep around 1am then wake up at 5am for work so I rather exhausted.

        If you respond, I appreciate it.

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          Hi Dorian, I also struggle with insomnia, and I prefer not to rely on medication due to concerns about their effects. I’m considering trying journaling instead. I’ve come across suggestions that writing in a journal before bed can help provide a place for thoughts and concerns to go, potentially aiding in better sleep.

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            I try really hard to focus on feeling tired and let go of controlling my body and mind. I try to relax my brain by clearing my thoughts and concentrating on how sleepy I am.

            I also try to pretend I’m sleepy because sometimes my brain feels tense at bedtime. It’s like slowly turning off a computer, but shutting down my brain takes more time and effort because it’s been active all day and it’s not like a machine that you can quickly start or stop—it’s more like doing it manually.

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