can’t sleep at night any suggestions?

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        I have difficulty sleeping at night. I try to meditate but it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
        I find putting Ayla to sleep helps me relax, yet I struggle to fall asleep myself.
        Eventually, I fall asleep around 1 am only to awaken at 5 am for work quite exhausted.

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          Hi Lister, I have trouble sleeping as well. I’m not taking any medicine because they frighten me. I’m thinking about trying journaling. I’ve heard that writing in a journal before bed can help you organize your thoughts and feelings.

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            sounds calming. I will try that. Thank you

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              I try hard to focus on feeling tired. I let go of control of my body and mind, making my brain relax and go limp. I try to keep my mind clear of thoughts and concentrate on how tired I am. I also pretend to feel sleepy because it’s like my brain is tense when I go to bed. I need to slowly shut it down, similar to turning off a computer, but it takes more time and effort because the brain has been active all day. Unlike a machine, the brain is a living organ, so it’s more of a manual shutdown process.

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