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        I have been dealing with anxiety for a while now, and some days it feels more overwhelming than others. These past few days have been particularly tough, and I’m feeling like my adrenaline is on overdrive, making it hard to think clearly.

        I often get frustrated with myself for feeling this way and start to dislike myself for not being able to think or reason rationally. I have support from people close to me but don’t always like to put on them or worry I’ll push people away if I constantly need reassurance. I’m not exactly sure what I’m seeking from sharing this, but I just felt the need to express how I’m feeling and connect with others who might be in a similar position.

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          Anxiety isn’t great at all! However, many people suffer from it but we all get through it in our own way!

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            Anxiety can feel like a dark force that drains the joy out of life. I’ve experienced this firsthand, allowing it to overshadow my life far too often. I’ve been battling it for years, and I hope you find the strength to confront it as well.

            Instead of letting anxiety control you, try to see it as a tool. When you feel anxious, do your best to stand strong and confront it. Face your fears and embrace the uncertainty.

            I understand how much harder it is to put these words into practice than just reading them online.

            If possible, reach out to a friend, family member, or counselor for support.

            Wishing you the best of luck.

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