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        I’m a 36 year old woman with a good heart, every day is a struggle as I battle with the guilt and consequences of my past actions. Currently, I’m in recovery, attempting to turn my life around for the third time.

        To make a long story short if anybody wants to help or hear more please respond I was a teacher for 10 years married now divorced had a great childhood used drugs made wrong choices got on probation was doing well getting my life bad and lost my fiance to incarceration on a whereabouts unknown warrant he was my pole he kept me sober everything went downhill trust me there is much more to this than what I’m posting but I don’t want to take anybody’s time up if they don’t want to hear it I used made a bad decision and am under house arrest right now I am a good person but keep being remained how shitty I am daily I’m at wit’s end with guilt and confusion is there hope my mind after all this still wants to use why

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          The best way to deal with it, I find, is to remember that you ARE a great human being no matter how much you’ve made mistakes or how poorly you feel about yourself.

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            I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad time.
            I suffer from guilt greatly myself, so I know how hard it can be.❤️

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